My20 - Resolution Tracking App

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My20 is a simple web-application, built with Ruby on Rails, to track your resolutions and goals.  I've always found resolutions helpful, but completely flawed.  How else can you explain the mile-long lines at Just Salad in January and the empty Gyms in February?  There is a significant drop-off once real-life kicks back in, the cold weather gets to you, or whatever excuse you give yourself to pig out and binge watch TV.  

So last year I decided to experiment, to track everything I could and set specific goals.  My resolutions were to lose weight and become more well read, but that's where the usual resolution story ends.  Enough with "I want to eat better" and "I want to read more".  I was going to Exercise 3 times a week, Read 20 books and keep track of it all.  

Why bother with resolutions? They always fail, right?

Most resolutions follow a standard framework. 

Action + more of that action = Success.

This framework is flawed by that word "more".

Creating a resolution (or goal) without a specific target is like playing darts blindfolded - you don't know what to aim for and you wouldn't know a bulls-eye if it was staring right back at you.  

Action + (X) number of times = Real Success.

What determines real success?

The most important aspect to make any goal achievable is setting a clearly-defined target.  If I make a resolution to eat healthier, you can only achieve marginal success.  If I set a goal to eat salad for lunch 3 days per week - I either do or I don't.  

If you are the only one who is aware of your goal, there is less pressure to attain that goal.  It may sound crazy, but it works.